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AFX Entertainment

AFX Entertainment – Sport is an international company registered and incorporated in the State of Wyoming with Corporate Offices located in Orlando, Florida.

AFX is passionate about sports, but is also committed to the development of youth and core family values throughout communities globally.

AFX Sport Events

Legendary Athletes Golf Tour

We have assembled Five (5) former Players each of the 32 NFL Teams and allowed them to create 2-man Scramble Teams from each, dressed in their former team colors, they will compete over the course of eight (8) Events with a 32 Point maximum to the winning Team and all individual Team points are carried over to the next Golf Event.

Grid Iron Legends Football Camp

AFX - Former Players Association has assembled some of the greatest legendary coaches to teach the game, from classroom to the field. Our scouting program provides the greatest opportunities from our collegiate and professional combine camps. We believe that when you have the right people who are truly dedicated to changing the landscape of the game globally coupled with local coaches and players willing to listen, this is the place to start. In addition to unparalleled football skills, we also give the necessary life skills for young players of today.  AFX is here to help, listen and learn while providing a tremendous educational platform.

Global Arena Football League


Coming Soon

Leadership Team

AFX Entertainment - Sport is the foundation and parent entity to professional entertainment and sports focused on the development of local communities, and individual talents globally.

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