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AFX Presents:
Legendary Athletes Golf Tour

Legendary Athletes Golf Tour

Action Fun Extreme (AFX) has assembled some of the best Legendary Athletes in North America and the Mission is to provide a Platform of opportunities for these Athletes that will compete in the Legendary Athletes Pro AM the day before and those that are part of the Legendary Athletes Golf Tour. Our first part of the mission is doing more for others, and that would be giving back to Charities, the second, is to become more accessible to Team fans and those in the local communities, and lastly, is to become more informed on Health Awareness issues and help options for a better “Quality of Life”, this will be done through the Collaborating Health Partners assembled. The Eight (8) city Golf Tour will be in cities that are in close proximity to, if not in a NFL city.


These Athletes participating in the Golf Tour will be Teeing off for the Charity or Organization of their choice, the Athletes will be donating proceeds to these various Organizations. AFX on the other hand will be making donations to a local Charity in the communities where the Legendary Golf Tour Events are held.

Golf Events

Pro AM

The Pro Am allows AFX to give those Athletes that are not part of the Golf Tour the chance to come out support the Mission of AFX and the Legendary Athletes Golf Tour, Play a round of Golf, This Event and allow Corporate Sponsors, fans and locals in the Golf Tour communities the chance to rub elbows and listen to the war stories from some of the greatest Athletes to ever put on a uniform, this opportunity we believe will create magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

​Golf Tour


We have assembled Five (5) former Players each of the 32 NFL Teams and allowed them to create 2-man Scramble Teams from each, dressed in their former team colors, they will compete over the course of eight (8) Events with a 32 Point maximum to the winning Team and all individual Team points are carried over to the next Golf Event. All our Golf Tour Players are committed to giving back to their respective Charities, attending the Health Awareness presentations and screenings, Photo opportunities, Autograph signing with fans of a former favorite player, or his old team respective Team and Interviews with the local Media.

Health Awareness

We believe that one of the most important factors is to preserve the real History of Sports and you do this through preserving the “Quality of Life” of the Athletes that have given us the thrills and chills over time.  We must Educate and Provide options to these Legendary Athletes that our society has rooted and cheered for over the years. AFX will provide screenings, material and help options for health issues like Prostate Cancer, Regentative Care (chronic pain), Behavior and Mental Health, Heart Health, and Brain Health (Neurodegenerative).

Coming in 2023

Golf Tour in 2023

We are excited to bring the Legendary Athletes Golf Tour & Pro AM to the following cities in 2023!

Coming in 2023

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala

           San Isidro Golf Course

Events to Follow

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Dallas, TX
  • Orlando, FL
  • Atlantic City, NJ
  • San Diego, CA
  • Chicago, IL

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